Moist Making Money - Discworld Miniatures (D04600)

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Moist Making Money - Discworld Miniatures (D04600)

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Discworld - Moist Making Money

This set contains 1 white metal cast, unpainted model and a round plastic base.

May Need assembly.

Supplied unpainted

Swindler, con artist and fraudster wanted dead in several cities, and currently Postmaster General and Master of the Royal Mint of Ankh-Morpork. Usually dressed all in gold in his capacity as Postmaster General. He is of a nondescript appearance, leading people who see him to look through him without noticing anything prominent or memorable about him. This proved a valuable asset in his previous profession however this advantage is now negated by his big shiny golden suit that makes him instantly recognizable, at least while wearing it. He consoles himself with the fact that it's the suit that people recognize, rather than him.


**Any painted miniatures are for example only.** 

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