Dorfl - Discworld Miniatures (D04900)

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Dorfl - Discworld Miniatures (D04900)

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Discworld - Dorfl

This set contains 1 white metal cast, unpainted model and a round plastic base.

Needs assembly.

Supplied unpainted

Dorfl is one of the old golems baked from clay. He collaborated with several other old golems in making a golem king, hoping that the king might lead them out of slavery.

While this attempt faltered and golems were being destroyed in the streets, Captain Carrot bought Dorfl off his original owner and put the sales receipt in place of the standard chem. Dorfl rapidly acquired a personality, and became the golem who cleaned up the mess of the king golem. Dorfl was dismembered in the process and his sales-receipt chem was crumpled up, though he still managed to come to life and defeat the King Golem.

Captain Carrot collected the pieces and had him re-baked; upon Mr. Vimes's order, they slightly re-engineered Dorfl during the re-baking to give him a voice.

**Any painted miniatures are for example only.** 

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