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Descent: Journeys into the Dark (2nd Edition): Heirs of Blood - Campaign Book

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Descent: Journeys into the Dark (2nd Edition): Heirs of Blood - Campaign Book

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The lost heir to the kingdom of Saradyn has come forth, but without protection, he will surely fall prey to the deadly temptations of Lady Eliza Farrow, a vampire and the rival claimant to the kingdom. Only the swords of Terrinoth’s heroes can protect the heir and lead him safely to his rightful throne!

Heirs of Blood is a campaign book for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, offering a completely new campaign playable with the Descent Second Edition Core Set. This campaign book offers thirty-two completely new encounters telling the tale of the heroes' quest to keep Eliza Farrow from taking command of the hidden kingdom of Saradyn. In this campaign, every decision matters and the outcome of every quest has drastic consequences for the resolution of the campaign. Defend the heir to the throne and destroy the forces of the overlord!

You’ve been tasked with defending a caravan of monks, but it seems that someone else found them first. A young boy stands motionless on the path with a bloody dagger in one hand. “Goblin ambush! The others are wounded,” he yells, pointing further on. You pull him into cover as a wave of primitive arrows hisses through the air, but he wrests free. “The goblins will run if you kill their dogs. Come on,” he shouts and runs toward the caravan, rolling and weaving to avoid the continuous spray of arrows.

The true heir to the kingdom of Saradyn has come forth, but he is not the only one to claim the throne of this hidden kingdom. Eliza Farrow, a deadly vampire and the wife of a renowned necromancer, is determined to destroy her rivals with her hordes of monsters and bend the kingdom to her evil schemes. Embark on new adventures with a campaign book for Descent.

Heirs of Blood is now available at Mighty Lancer Games!

Heirs of Blood is the first campaign book for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, and it offers a completely new campaign that you can play using only the map tiles and monsters included in the Descent core set. A series of brand-new encounters challenge you to protect the heir to Saradyn and foil the wicked plans of the Farrow family. Every decision matters in this new campaign and your successes or failures shape future quests and determine the fate of the secret kingdom.

Blood Will Tell

At the onset of the Heirs of Blood campaign, Lady Eliza Farrow has already begun to send her evil servants into the kingdom of Saradyn. An order of monks have long protected the hidden valley kingdom, but as the Farrows’ power grows, the monks have turned to you and your fellow heroes in the hope that you can defend the kingdom and protect those who dwell within. If Eliza is given half a chance, she will slay her rival and lay claim to Saradyn, which could have dire consequences for all of Terrinoth. You and your companions must do everything in your power to prevent this dread outcome.

Heirs of Blood presents a thrilling campaign in two acts, featuring thirty-two completely new encounters for you to experience. No matter where you travel in Saradyn and the surrounding territories, the outcome of every quest and encounter has important consequences for the remaining campaign quests. 

In the first act of the campaign, Eliza Farrow’s encroachments on Saradyn are more covert. You can defend the citadel of Skytower from one of Eliza’s raiding parties or hunt down a traitor to keep him from revealing vital information about the kingdom’s defenses to the Farrows. As the campaign moves into its second act, however, the Farrows declare open war on Saradyn, leading armies of monsters across the land. You can battle to keep Merick Farrow from securing the powers of some cave-dwelling elementals or attempt to forestall the mass rising of an army of ghouls to serve Eliza. The campaign comes to a triumphant conclusion with an unparalleled three-encounter finale that pits Eliza Farrow against the kingdom’s heir in a magical showdown that will determine the fate of the realm. 

Defending Saradyn

You and your fellow heroes are all that stands between the rightful heir to Saradyn’s throne and a kingdom of darkness ruled by Eliza Farrow. Gather your fellow heroes and return to Terrinoth in the Heirs of Blood campaign book, now available from Mighty Lancer Games.


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