Cruel Seas - US Navy Coastal Cutter Subchaser

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Cruel Seas - US Navy Coastal Cutter Subchaser

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Submarine chasers were used for destroying German U-boats that were stationed off the coast of the United States (some 67 German U-boats were sunk). In the Pacific Theatre, submarine chasers were used for amphibious landings, courier and escort duty. SC-497-class submarine chasers were a class of 438 submarine chasers, 98 tons with a length of 110 ft 10 in (34 m) and a speed of 18 knots. 142 were part of the Lend-Lease program with 78 sent to the Soviet Union, 50 to France and 3 to Norway. The three Norwegian examples served with distinction on the Shetland bus service, running agents, refugees and weapons past the German blockade between occupied Norway and Britain.

Contains: 2x resin & metal US Coastal Cutter Subchaser Ship card Wake marker

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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