Corvus Cabal - Warcry

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Corvus Cabal (Warcry)

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This warband set allows you to field these shadowy cultists in your battles, containing:

  • 9 multipart plastic Corvus Cabal miniatures
  • 1 Shadow Piercer, 1 Shrike Talon, 2 Spire Stalkers and 5 Cabalists, with a variety of weapons options
  • A Corvus Cabal abilities card, allowing you to unleash the distinctive and deadly battle tactics of this warband in your games
  • 6 fighter cards for keeping track of your rules at a glance, plus divider cards for tracking your tokens

What’s more, these warriors of Ulgu are available for use in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar army thanks to a free warscroll available in the Downloads tab.

This set is supplied with

  • 1x 40mm round base
  • 3x 28mm rounds bases
  • 5x 25mm round bases

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