Concord Intercept Squad Beyond The Gates Of Antares

Warlord Games

Concord Interceptor Squad - Beyond the Gates of Antares

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Virtually unmatched in battlefield scenarios that require rapid deployment C3 Interceptors are kitted out with the finest equipment available to the Concord, not least of all their Interceptor bikes which afford them unrivaled speeds on the battlefield.

Each box contains a mixture of resin and metal components required to assemble the following;

  • 1x C3 Interceptor Leader With Plasma Carbine Riding An Interceptor Bike With Twin Plasma Carbines.
  • 2x Interceptor Trooper: plasma carbine, HL armour with HL booster, Interceptor bike with twin plasma carbines
  • 3x Plasma Lance Upgrades for the 3 Bikes
  • 1x Concord Spotter Drone

*Models Supplied Unassembled & Unpainted


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