Catan – Traders & Barbarians Expansion

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Catan – Traders & Barbarians Expansion

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Catan Traders & Barbarians is an expansion and requires the Catan Base Game to play. You can find it HERE

For ages 10+

plays 2-4

With 60-120 min game time

An expansion for Catan characterised by variation. 

Nomads have settled in the oasis. Since they are lacking wool and grain, they send out caravans to barter for the coveted resources. Of course, everybody wants to profit from the "Caravans," but sending the caravans to one’s own settlements isn't all that easy. Catan’s wealth doesn’t go unnoticed. And thus it doesn’t take long until the "Barbarian Attack" descends upon Catan’s coasts. Now it is imperative that the Catanians close ranks and train knights. The knights rally for battle - not altogether selflessly, because each captured barbarian is worth half a victory point.

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