British Starter Box Set - Secrets of the third Reich

West Wind Productions

British Starter Box Set - Secrets of the third Reich

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SOTR-06 British Starter Box Set

This set contains some of Britain's determined troops who against all odds fight on in defence of their country and freedom. Arrmed with tried and trusted weaponry like the Commando Carbine and Assault Brens they will lay down a steady stream of fire at any oncoming enemy and the introduction of Boyes anti mech rifles and disposable versions of the piat anti armour projectiles to ensure that the squads are more than capable of defending themselves against tanks and mechs. The HMG and snipers will ensure the enemy think twice before moving out from their hidden positions.

B-SOTR01 - Assault Bren x 1

B-SOTR03 - Command x 1

B-SOTR05 - Commando Carbine x 1

B-SOTR07 - Boyes Antil Mech Rifles x 1

B-SOTR08 - Piat D x 1

B-SOTR10 - HMG Team x1

B-SOTR12 - Sniper Team x 1

Supplied unpainted and may require assembly


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