British Army Starter Set For Konflikt 47

Warlord Games

British Army Konflikt 47 Starter Set

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 Pick up everyhting you need to start fielding a British Army in the Konflikt 47 universe in one handy box, this starter set is designed to get you engaging the enemy in games of Warlord Games' Konflikt 47 in no time at all, of course you'll need to assemble and paint your army but that's half of the fun!

What's Inside A Konflikt 47 British Army Starter Set?

  • A5 softback Konflikt'47 rulebook
  • 1 Guardian light walker
  • 1 Cromwell-T medium tank
  • 20 British infantry
  • 5 British automated infantry
  • Pin Markers
  • 6 six-sided dice
  • 6 Orders dice

?Models are supplied unpainted & unassembled


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