BP22-B Backpack2

KR Multicase

BP22-B Backpack2

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The Backpack22 carries 2 standard card KR Multicases [available separately], and has pockets for accessories. Includes adjustable straps and a carry handle.

The expandable section can be zipped up to reduce the size / capacity if less space is need for a particular game. This is easily accessed from an additional zip around the compartment. Includes adjustable straps and a carry handle. The KR Backpacks are manufactured from durable waterproof polyester and fully lined. 

The card cases are interchangeable with each other, so you can select the army you need from a stack of card cases keeping your figures safe, and just take the army you need in the KR Backpack when going out. By having one transport bag with interchangeable cases it means that your army expansion is much more economical as you only need additional card cases for your army and swap them over when you need to take them out - a true storage and transport system!

Expansion or changes to additional or multiple armies is simple and cost effective with KR.



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