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Bigfoot: The Card Game

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Bigfoot: The Card Game

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Bigfoot Truth or Myth Card Game Adventure

Lead an expedition team into the wilderness to discover the truth about Bigfoot.

Get ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime. Form an expedition team by playing characters you collect and seek out to discover if the legends of Bigfoot are true or a myth. Everyone knows the fun is in the adventure. A good part of the game involves building your team and strategically preparing your hand (with some luck of the draw of course) to survive events and actions played against you while collecting and playing evidence cards needed to win along the way!

"A fun family card game you'll play again and again!"

A Great Addition to Family Game Night!

An adventure card game with more than one winning possibility

Gameplay & Card Types

100 cards divided into different card types creates a fun game experience

Characters & Supplies

You may put in play up to 3 Characters to help you along your journey. Each character has the ability to put in play specific Evidence cards and Supply cards. Up to 2 supply cards can be put in play which will give you different bonuses throughout the game.


On each turn you will draw 1 card from the main deck and 1 Event card which must be dealt with. Each Event will display on the bottom of the card who it affects and how. Various Action cards and Supply cards can be played and used to help you overcome an Event.

Actions & Evidence

Action cards can be played to help you overcome events or played against your opponent. Three unique Evidence cards must be played for both winning combos "Truth" or "Myth". See gameplay rules for more info on winning combos.

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