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AV Vallejo Game Color Set - Skintones (x8)

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Set with 8 Game Color for painting models and miniatures. This set has a specific selection of colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc.

Contains: 7x 17ml Paints, 1x 17ml Ink and a Colour Chart.

  • VAL 72.003 Pale Flesh
  • VAL 72.004 Elf Skintone
  • VAL 72.035 Dead Flesh
  • VAL 72.036 Bronze Fleshtone
  • VAL 72.041 Dwarf Skin
  • VAL 72.044 Dark Fleshtone
  • VAL 72.093 Skin Wash (Ink)
  • VAL 72.098 Elfic Flesh

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