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AV Vallejo Model Air Set - Equestrian Colours

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Collection of 16 color sets of Model Color for painting models and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Contains 16 bottles of 17 ml. (with eyedropper) and color chart.

70.835 Salmon Rose
70.836 London Grey
70.862 Black Grey
70.871 Leather Brown
70.874 Us Tan Earth
70.875 Beige Brown
70.883 Silvergrey
70.918 Ivory
70.940 Saddle Brown
70.950 Black
70.951 White
70.982 Cavalry Brown
70.984 Flat Brown
70.987 Medium Grey
70.992 Neutral Grey
70.994 Dark Grey

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