AQ4-B Aquilla4 case c/w 2x PT5 & 2x PT4 Tool/Paint trays

KR Multicase

AQ4-B Aquilla4 case c/w 2x PT5 & 2x PT4 Tool/Paint trays

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The Aquilla4 is designed for smaller skirmish games, or small collections of models. It follows the same modular designs as the rest of the KR range, and carries 4 single half width trays.

This case contains:

2x PT5 trays [each holds 18x Paintbrushes, 4x Vallejo, Army Painter or Master Series Paint bottles with space for accessories too]

2x PT4 trays [Holds 2x Clippers, 4x Craft Knife/ Scalpel handles, 6x Brushes, 1x Pin Drill with space for spare blades, drill bits, files and accessories]

The Kaisers are waterproof, have carry handles, adjustable shoulder straps, have internal reinforcements on all sides and are fully lined.

The Kaiser transport bag system provides an economical and safe system for carrying multiples of the standard card cases.

The Kaiser transport bags are manufactured from heavy duty waterproof fabric and are fully lined. They have carry handles and adjustable shoulder straps plus internal reinforcements on all sides, which in combination with the card cases inside makes them the strongest and most protective cases system for your miniatures. The external pockets have enough room for all your rulebooks and accessories.

Expansion or changes to additional or multiple armies is simple and cost effective with KR.





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