360 Ergonomic Handle -Miniature Holder - Redgrass - MAGBL


360 Ergonomic Handle -Miniature Holder - Redgrass - MAGBL

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The Redgrass Games 360 miniature holder is great for holding your plastic or resin miniatures or models, with a 360 degree swivel action top and mounting putty to hold your miniature in place while you paint. Designed for 10 to 50mm bases this painting handle has a ergonomic design, swappable cap enabling you to use the same handle to paint as many miniatures as you have caps for without touching the miniature to swap it over which is great for batch painting (additional caps are available here) and a magnetic dock.

1 Painting handle

1 x 15g mounting putty

1 x Dock plate

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Any brushes, paints or miniatures shown are for illustration only and not included

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