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MLG Monthly Dice Subscription

Welcome to our new subscription service - Dice!

Are you a dice fanatic?

Are you looking for weird and wonderful dice for your RPG sessions? 

Need new dice for your new wargame or army?

Do you just find it hard choosing new dice? Let us choose for you!

Every month we will send you (yes, you guessed it) Dice!  A nice neat package that will contain one, two or more sets of Dice. These could be sets of RPG dice (D20, D10, D12, D8, D6 D4), dice bags, funky 6 six sided dice or any other amazing dice related possibilities. 

Each months package will cost £15 and this includes the cost of UK postage. (Please contact us first if you are outside the UK by clicking here)


*Important stuff you need to know*

We will despatch your package on the 15th of each month following your first payment. For example, your payment is received on the 12th August, your first package will be despatched on the 15th September. This will allow us time to ensure we have sufficient stock for all the subscribers. 

We are fanatical gamers ourselves, and we know our customers have high standards, so rest assured we won't just send you any old plain dice to get them off the shelves. these will be beautiful dice we source specially for the subscription :)

Due to the fluctuations in dice availability, we will be sending a variety of dice from a range of manufacturers worldwide, these could be made from plastic, wood, metal or other materials.