WizKids Premium Paint Set Starter Case


WizKids Premium Paint Set Starter Case

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WizKids' own range of quality Vallejo Acrylics have been designed with tabletop Role Playing Games in mind, providing players and Dungeon Masters with a selection of vivid colours that are perfectly suited to painting RPG miniatures, from the GM's hordes of undead, goblins and dragons to the heroic Player Character miniatures that take centre stage.
The Basic Starter Case is a fantastic place the begin a collection of paints, with bold primary hues and vital greys, browns and beiges. This selection of 40 8ml paints should provide you with a little bit of everything you need to get a coat on your miniatures.
The set includes not only classic acrylic colours but also a series of washes for adding depth and shadow to your minis with a simple pin washing technique and there's even a brush included to get you started.

Paints Included;

80.001 Dead White
80.101 Off-White
80.034 Bone White
80.097 Pale Yellow
80.007 Gold Yellow
80.003 Pale Flesh
80.099 Cadmium Skin
80.008 Orange Fire
80.013 Squid Pink
80.014 Warlord Purple
80.106 Scarlet Blood
80.141 Heavy Red
80.140 Heavy Skin Tone
80.153 Heavy Brown
80.040 Leather Brown
80.037 Filthy Brown
80.056 Glorious Gold
80.042 Parasite Brown
80.154 Heavy Sienna
80.061 Khaki
80.033 Livery Green
80.032 Scorpy Green
80.030 Goblin Green
80.146 Heavy Green
80.095 Glacier Blue
80.023 Electric Blue
80.021 Magic Blue
80.143 Magic Blue
80.047 Wolf Grey
80.048 Sombre Grey
80.054 Gunmetal
80.142 Heavy Violet
80.051 Black
80.204 Flesh Wash
80.206 Red Wash
80.203 Umber Wash
80.200 Sepia Wash
80.205 Green Wash
80.207 Blue Wash
80.201 Black Wash

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