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AV Vallejo Model Color Set - Skintones (x8):


AV Vallejo Game Color Set - Skintones (x8)

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Set with 8 Game Color for painting models and miniatures. This set has a specific selection of colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc.

Contains: 7x 17ml Paints, 1x 17ml Ink and a Colour Chart.

VAL 72.003 Pale Flesh
VAL 72.004 Elf Skintone
VAL 72.035 Dead Flesh
VAL 72.036 Bronze Fleshtone
VAL 72.041 Dwarf Skin
VAL 72.044 Dark Fleshtone
VAL 72.093 Skin Wash (Ink)
VAL 72.098 Elfic Flesh

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