WARLOCK™ TILES: Town & Village - Straight Walls Expansion


WARLOCK™ TILES: Town & Village - Straight Walls Expansion

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Expand your rpg towns and villages with a selection of highly customisable wall, floor and doorway components in the Town & Village 1" Straight Walls Expansion for Warlock Tiles.
The set includes exterior doors with working hinges, half height walls provide easy access for moving miniatures, reversible gridded tiles fore clear placement and play on wooden or stone floors, thin interior walls and doors optimise available space, fully compatible with the Warlock range for variety and flexibility.
Warlock Tiles are durable, lightweight and pre painted so they're table ready right out of the box, completely modular in design the pieces are secured with WarLock Clips so you don't need to worry about portions of your dungeon sliding away during gameplay! If you've not tried playing with Warlock Tiles, you should!

What's inside Warlock Tiles Town & Village Straight Walls Expansion?

  • • 1”x1” Tile, (16)
  • • 1”x2” Tile, (20)
  • • 1”x4” Tile, (4)
  • • 1” Plaster Exterior Wall, (14)
  • • 1” Plaster Exterior Wall Inside Corner, (6)
  • • 1” Plaster Exterior Wall Outside Corner, (4)
  • • 1” Plaster Interior Wall, (6)
  • • 1” Plaster Exterior Wall Door, (4)
  • • 1” Plaster Interior Wall Door, (2)
  • • 1” Plaster Edgecap, (14)
  • • EZ WarLock™ Clips, (100)

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