44120 Two Headed Troll from Reaper Miniatures. This gaming figure creature has one head with a short flat top hair style and the other with long hair, both its mouths are open and it is holding a rock above its heads with its two arms.


UNBOXED - 44120 - Two Headed Troll

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Reaper Miniatures Two Headed Troll


The Two Headed Troll from Reaper Miniatures comes with a choice, you can either have your troll holding a rock above its head ready to throw on your RPG adventuring party or a pig. 

This is a Reaper miniature provided not in retail packaging, that means it is not in a retail box or with a backing card, it maybe in a bag or in a plain cardboard box. It is still the same quality as a retailed packaged Reaper Miniature it just hasn't got the colourful packaging meaning we can bring it to you at a cheaper price.

Reaper Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Any painted miniatures shown in the product images are for representation purposes only.

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