Solar Anomalie Spray -  GSW Colorshift Chameleon

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Solar Anomalie Spray - GSW Colorshift Chameleon - (GSW2219)

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Green Stuff World's brilliant Colorshift Chameleon paints are now available as a spray paint, Solar Anomalie hobby paints create a striking two tone effect of bright yellow and pink that changes based on viewing angle.


Shake the can properly before each use and do not apply too much paint in one spot. Apply the paint with a left to right movement in a regular rhythm holding the can at least 20-30 centimetres away from the surface you want to paint (applying the paint from too far away could result in a rough surface and applying too closely could result in drips, if you are getting these effects adjust your distance). 

It is recommended to clean the diffuser after each use by holding the can completely upside down and spraying a little paint.

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