Pokémon TCG V Union Box (Chosen At Random)

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Pokémon TCG V Union Box (Chosen At Random)

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*Please note that orders for this product will be chosen at random, we cannot process orders for specific versions of the collection box.

Harness the power of awesome new V-Union cards for Pokémon TCG. Assemble the pieces of these amazing new cards and gain access to some of the strongest Pokémon to ever hit the trading card game.
These Special Collection Gift Boxes are perfect for players of the Trading Card Game, either in paper or online and contain an assortment of booster packs in addition to the 4 pieces of the V-Union Pokemon inside.

What's Inside the Pokémon TCG V-Union Special Collection?

  • 4x Promo Cards That Make Up A Single V-Union Pokemon
  • 1x Oversized Promo Featuring The V-Union Pokemon Inside
  • 1x Helpful Supporter Card Featuring Professor Burnet
  • 4x Pokemon TCG Booster Packs
  • 1x Code Card For The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

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