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Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1 -hardback

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Cyclopean Deeps Volume 1


Volume 1

Far below the darkest of dungeons, in those regions where the echoes of mankind’s feet are seldom heard, where even firelight is a bizarre intruder from a long-forgotten place, the foes of humanity breed and multiply.

The Cyclopean Deeps is a high-level campaign “sandbox” in the Under Realms near Rappan Athuk. Here you will find the dark city of Izamne, the Domes of the Serpentfolk, and even the twisted double-reality where the material plane touches upon the bizarre Plateau of Leng. Dark Secrets abound!

This series of adventures forms a mini-campaign in the depths of the earth, suitable for a party of 4+ characters with an average level of 10-12, or 8+ characters with an average level around 7.

Down to Ques Querax The first adventure in the Cyclopean Deeps mini-campaign, "Down to Ques Querax" introduces the perils of the Under Realms with encounter tables, region map, and many new monsters. Designed as the "link" to Rappan Athuk, this module may also be used to connect any deep dungeon to the Under Realm.


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