Skin Tone Paint Set - The Army Painter - WP8909

The Army Painter

Skin Tone Paint Set - The Army Painter - WP8909

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Create realistic skin tones for your hobby projects and gaming miniatures easily with The Army Painter's Skin tones Paint Set. This set includes everything you need to create diverse and realistic looking flesh following a simple 4 step process; simply base the skin area in your choice of skin tone, then apply a quick waash for definition, follow up with highlights in progressively lighter tones and then touch up stuble lips and blemishes with thin layers of pigment toner.

What's Inside The Army Painter's Skin Tones Paint Set?

  • Onyx Skin Paint
  • Mocca Skin Paint
  • Tiger's Eye Skin Paint
  • Jasper Skin Paint
  • Amber Skin Paint
  • Dorado Skin Paint
  • Topaz Skin Paint
  • Ruby Skin Paint
  • Opal Skin Paint
  • Gernet Pigment Toner
  • Pearl Pigment Toner
  • Obsidian Pigment Toner
  • Soft Skin Wash
  • Strong Skin Wash
  • Dark Skin Wash
  • Warpaints Mixing Medium
  • 4x Mixing Bottles
  • 20 Mixing Ball Bearings

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