US Army Support Group Winter (Bolt Action)

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US Army Support Group Winter (Bolt Action)

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This boxed unit is perfect for Bolt Action players looking to provide their US Army Infantry with some additional fire support. GI squads throughout the course of WWII utilised powerful .30 Cal Medium Machine Guns and devastating 81mm Mortars to suppress their enemies on the advance, this Winter Attired Support Group contains a variety of weapons specialists to increase your army's effectiveness on the tabletop

Inside you will find:

  • 3x Officers With Carbine / Rifle
  • 1x Battlefield Medic
  • 1x Radio Opperator
  • 1x Medium Mortar Team
  • 1x Medium Machine Gun Team
  • A Set Of Plastic Bases For your New Units

*Models Supplied Unassembled & Unpainted

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