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Shiver Expansion Pack - S.L.A  Cannibal Sector 1 :www.mightylancergames.co.uk

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Shiver Expansion Pack - S.L.A Cannibal Sector 1

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Often Shiver recruits will specialise, developing their skills into the roles of Breachers, Medics, or other specialists of the Shiver organisation.

Breacher Shivers use huge Breacher Shields to protect themselves and their fellow Shivers. Pacifiers are trained in Defensive Kata, using their Pacifier Batons to subdue assailants in close quarters combat. Medics, also known as 'Pumpers' are there to patch up fallen Shivers and help cure the various diseases that the Sector throws at the employees of SLA.

This set Includes a Shiver Medic and enough components to build 2 Breachers and 2 Pacifiers.

Includes 5 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases.

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