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Imperial Infantry - Pike & Shotte (thirty years war 1618-1648)

Warlord Games

Imperial Infantry - Pike & Shotte (thirty years war 1618-1648)

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Splendidly attired well equipped and organized the Imperialist troops of the Thirty Years War fought long and hard in all the countries of Continental Europe. Uniforms were a matter of the whim of the General or the Colonel, so that massed regiments and Brigades of pike and shot will look truly amazing on the tabletop. 

Warlord include a host of metal parts to really give a period feel to the models with extra musket rests, helmets and hats, glorious printed standards and a splendid metal command group and extra armoured pikemen. This in addition to our highly acclaimed Pike & Shotte plastic sprues gives you a great-looking Thrity Years War Imperial regiment.

This is a metal and plastic boxed containing 44 miniatures!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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