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Goblin Flaggit

Mantic Games

Goblin Flaggit - Kings Of War - 204 - blister

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To be a Goblin flaggit is a sort after role in the Goblin army, they are also a very important role, generals can find organising their Goblin armies and getting them to actually follow orders without fighting each other or running away a difficult task and this is where the flaggit comes in. They are great at relaying orders and their bannerpole hung with ghoulish greenskins serves as a reminder of what awaits any coward thinking of desertion. You may therefore be forgiven in thinking that a Goblin seeking a role as a flaggit is being honourable, noble even  but of course being a Flaggit means you are further from the fighting and have a better chance of running away.


1 x resin goblin Flaggit


 Miniature provided unpainted and requires assembly. It is recommended to wash resin miniatures in soapy water before assembly. It is recommended to use superglue

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