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Scratch Brush Set - 1650- Green Stuff World

green stuff world

Scratch Brush Set - 1650- Green Stuff World

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Scratch Brush Set - 1650- Green Stuff World

The different bristles available make these Scratch Brushes a very versatile tool, useful for tough cleaning tasks and for creating scratch effects in your figures and dioramas, among other uses.

Handy and comfortable to hold. Brushes come with 5 different bristle types; brass, fibreglass, soft nylon, hard nylon and stainless steel. Bristles are retractable, so just twist the cap to extend or retract them, depending on the task at hand. This also gives them a long working life as you can cut off the worn out tips and still have fresh bristle available.

They are excellent for removing sculpting putty remains from tools and textured rolling pins. Also used for weathering techniques such us Chipping-Mediums, Chipping Fluids, Hairspray Technique and others. Metal ferrule improves durability.

Overall length: 12 cm (4-1/2")

* Brush refills are also available in spare packages



**Any scenery, miniatures or bases shown are for example only.**

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