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Mega Plain - Rolling Pin - 1474 Green Stuff World

green stuff world

Mega Plain - Rolling Pin - 1474 Green Stuff World

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Mega Plain - Rolling Pin - 1474 Green Stuff World

Below is direct from Green Stuff World and their recommendations not those of Mighty Lancer Games as they know their products the best after all.

MEGA Rolling Pin Plain

Plain rolling pins capable of flattenning putties, fimo and other sculpting clays.. Made of clear PMMA plastic with amazing non stick properties. Not toxic.

Length: 32 cm (12’75 inches)

Diameter: 3cm (1,25 inches)

It will become really useful during the process of making thin and even surfaces such us flags, cloths, cloaks, etc...

If we are flattening Green Stuff Putty, we recommend to use talcum powder and lot of water to wet the putty and together with the Rolling pin you will get amazing thin and smooth surfaces. The talcum powder will allow you to touch the Green Stuff without leaving finger prints.


After working with them, use a toothbrush and plenty of water to clear any residue from Rolling pins, if required, and never use wire brushes or metal implements since they may be damaged.

Any scenery or bases shown are for example only.

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