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Inferno! Volume 5 (paperback) **Pre-Order 31/10/2020

Games Workshop

Inferno! Volume 5 (paperback) **Pre-Order 31/10/2020

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Encounter a collection of magnificent stories told from the many universes of Warhammer, whether you're a fan of the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar or the grim darkness of 40k's far future, to the underhives of Necromunda and everything in between. Inferno! Volume 5 collects 12 beautifully told tales from across genres into one single tome for your reading pleaseure.

Watchers of Battle by Ben Counter
No Quarter by Rob J Hayes
Mournclaw by Ben Galley
The Last Knight: Part One by Gavin G Smith
River of Death by Anna Stephens
Respite’s End by Marc Collins
No Matter the Cost by Michael R Fletcher
Curse of the Lucky by Gary Kloster
Best Death Wins by Sean Grigsby
Trail of Ash by Graeme Lyon
Castle of the Exile by Gareth Hanrahan
At the Sign of the Brazen Claw: Part Five – The Hounds of Nagash by Guy Haley

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