Battlezone Mechanicus Charadon

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Battlezone Mechanicus Charadon

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Battlezone Mechanicus: Charadon contains a variety of Warhammer 40k scenery pieces plus a pair of gaming boards that can be used to set the table for Combat Patrol and Incursion sized missions alone or included in a wider collection of terrain for even larger battles. This Mechanicus themed terrain is perfect for recreating battlefields across occupied and seized imperial worlds accross the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy.

What's inside Battlezone Mechanicus: Charadon?

  • 1x Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack Kit
  • 1x Thermic Plasma Regulators Kit
  • 1x Haemotrope Reactor Kit
  • 2x Ferratonic Furnaces
  • 1x Set of Pipe Sections
  • 2x Gaming Boards

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