Gamegenic Watchtower Conbvertible Deck Box 100+


Gamegenic Watchtower Conbvertible Deck Box 100+

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The Watchtower 100+ Deck case from Gamegenic takes their convertible, magnetic deck box range to the next level with an integrated drawer for dice and tokens. With a two part, removable magnetic front, you can open and close the individual compartments of your Watchtower as you see fit, the removable deck tray doubles as it's own deck stand when not inside the case for additional versatility and as always the case and all of it's components are made from the highest quality materials.

  • Designed to hold up to 100 Double Sleeved Cards*
  • Includes removable accessories drawer and card holder, with indipendant access
  • Cards are orientated to the front for direct visibility
  • Completely removable flaps, can be attatched to the backside for safe keeping
  • Easy access for effortless removal of your deck
  • Comfortable left & right handed use
  • Powerful Magnets for a precise and secure closure
  • Premium materials (Nexofiber Surface + Microfiber inner lining)

*Optimised for Gamegenic Sleeves


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