Firefight Forge Father Strike Force


Firefight Forge Father Strike Force

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Whether you want to defend the Star Realm or seek to expand it, the hardy Forgefathers are more than capable, fielding deadly machines of war alongside their sturdy infantry to overwhelm and outmuscle their galactic rivals. This purpose built strike force is designed to make an excellent entry point to the Forge Father army for new and existing players, with a selection of versatile units that will make an excellent core to the army..

What's Inside The Firefight Forgefathers Strike Force?

  • 30x Plastic Steel Warriors
  • 6x Plastic Forge Guard
  • 1x Resin Huscarl
  • 1x PVC Iron Ancestor
  • 1x Plastic Sturnhammer

*Models are supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only

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