What's Inside The Firefight 2 Player Starter Set?


Firefight 2 Player Starter Set

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The perfect introduction to Mantic Games' epic sci fi wargame system Firefight, this value-packed two-player starter set includes everything you need to start learning the rules of this action packed tabletop game, while playing games of your own with friends. The set includes all of the core rules and army creation mechanics, dice and tokens required to learn and play the game as well as two fully formed armies (The Marauders & Enforcers) to get you started on your journey into the Warpath Universe.

What's Inside The Firefight 2 Player Starter Set?

  • 40x Plastic Marauder Commandos/Brawlers
  • 4x PVC Marauder Ripper Suits
  • 20x Plastic Enforcers
  • 5x Plastic Enforcer Peacekeepers
  • 2x Plastic Enforcer Jetbikes
  • 1x Firefight Rulebook
  • 1x Firefight Force Lists Book
  • 2x Card Counter Sheets
  • 1x Getting Started guide
  • 16x D8
  • 11x Firefight Command Dice
  • 9x 40mm MDF Bases
  • 62x 25mm Plastic Bases

*Models are supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only

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