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Dicepunk RPG Rulebook

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DicePunk System:

  • Generates characters fast, fast, fast. Character generation usually takes five to ten minutes for experts, and a half hour or so for newbies.
  • Only uses six sided dice, and doesn’t require a ton of them.
  • Core mechanics are simple and easy to grok, but enough options exist for moderate to high tactical depth in combat.
  • Fights are fast and visceral, with small skirmishes easily resolved in half an hour, and even bigger battles (within reason) typically going down in an hour or less.
  • No set character classes, so every character is that much more unique.
  • Rules allow for the easy creation of custom Skills, allowing players to define exactly the character they want, mechanically and narratively.

What types of stories does the DicePunk System excel at telling? Or, in other words, what exactly do we mean by Cinematic Roleplaying In The Now?

Well, I’ll be honest off the bat. If your roleplaying jones is to delve into dungeons in search of a dragon to slay, or to crew a spaceship headed out into the stars, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

However, the DicePunk System has you covered if any/all of the following apply: 

  • You want to tell a story that takes place more or less in the real world and more or less in the present day.
  • You’d describe the story you want to tell as any of the following: edgy, pulp, gritty, cinematic, dark, camp, or, well… punk.
  • You could imagine your story as a movie directed by the likes of Brian DePalma, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, or the Coen Brothers.
  • Violence, if and when it happens in your story, will be shocking, pivotal, scarring, and deadly.
  • The idea of a roleplaying game written by and for people who grew up on, eat, sleep, breathe, and speak movies excites you.

On its own, the DicePunk System gives you all the tools you need to run everything from 80’s action blockbusters to Hard Boiled to Fargo to Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. The two DicePunk System games already published expand on this.