Citadel Base Paint Set:

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Citadel Base Paint Set

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Citadel Base Paints are the foundation upon which a good paint job is built. Whether you’re painting miniatures for display or for the tabletop this paint set is the perfect starting point.

The Citadel Base Paint Set contains 1 S Base brush and 11 pots of Citadel paint, including:

  • 1 Leadbelcher,
  • 1 Macragge Blue,
  • 1 Waaagh! Flesh,
  • 1 Bugman's Glow,
  • 1 Mephiston Red,
  • 1 Mournfang Brown,
  • 1 Abaddon Black,
  • 1 Ceramite White,
  • 1 Zandri Dust,
  • 1 Averland Sunset
  • 1 Balthasar Gold.

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