Krampus - Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Bones Miniature


Krampus - Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Bones Miniature

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This characterful Satyr-like monster is perfect for any RPG journey into the feywild, armed with a thick, heavy club and carrying what one can only assume is a barrel of nefarious ale, this hairy, horned biped is a great addition to any DMs arsenal. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

Bones USA are

  • Thermoplastic Injected models
  • Manufactured in Denton, Texas
  • Integral bases 

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    Reaper Miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Any painted miniatures shown in the product images are for representation purposes only.

    Please note that Reaper advise you do not need primer for their bones range, you do need to wash them well before painting,  however if you wish to primer your bones miniatures we would recommend brush on primer as we have found that many aerosol primers will not cure completely on Bones. 

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