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Night of the living dead


Night Of The Living Dead - Zombicide

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Night of the living dead is a stand alone Zombicide game that can be played with one to six players.  It has been reported that people how have recently died have been returning to life and rampaging through cities and towns. Morgues, funeral homes and hospitals are reporting that the unburied dead are rising and seeking out human flesh.  It has been confirmed that these undead 'zombies' can be killed by a shot to the head or heavy blow to the skull, there can be no remorse, this vicious killing mob seem to show no sign of their former nature driven only by their desire to take human victims.  In this co operative board game you can become the heroes from the famous zombie movie Night of the Living Dead, play the roles of survivor, find weapons, kill the zombies and save us all!

For ages 14+

1-6 players 

Average 1 hour game play 


66 miniatures- -6 Romero Mode Survivors -6 Zombicide Mode Survivors -54 Ghouls

111 mini-cards- -65 Equipment Cards -46 Ghoul Cards

6 Game Tiles (double sided)

6 Survivor Dashboards

6 Survivor ID Cards (double sided)

12 Survivor Coloured Bases

6 Dice

48 Trackers

25 Tokens


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