Descent Legends of the Dark RPG Board Game

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Descent Legends of the Dark RPG Board Game

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Descent: Legends of the Dark is an Epic Cooperative RPG Style Board Game, slated to be the first act in a series of immersive dungeon crawling adventures!
Designed with breath-taking attention to detail, Legends of the Dark includes a plethora of three-dimensional terrain, monster and hero miniatures and illustrated artwork to set the scene for your unforgettable quest to overcome the forces of darkness. Grow your character, develop your skills, and craft powerful weapons and armour along the way to defeating progressively challenging obstacles.
Descent can be played as a solo campaign or cooperatively with up to four players and is played alongside a companion app that is free to download on iOS & Android as well as the Steam Store. The app will guide oyou through your adventure and allows for innovative mechanics that are baked into the gameplay.

What's Inside Descent: Legends of the Dark?

  • 1x Learn To Play Guide
  • 1x Descent Lore Guide
  • 1x Assembly Instructions Insert
  • 12x Custom Game Dice
  • 40x Plastic Miniatures
  • 16x Plastic ID Markers
  • 18x Map Tiles
  • 47x Terrain Pieces
  • 6x Underlays
  • 6x Hero Cards
  • 40x Weapon Cards
  • 18x Armour Cards
  • 12x Trinket Cards
  • 42x Consumable Cards
  • 42x Skill Cards
  • 10x Injury Cards
  • 4x Reference Cards
  • 4x Health Dials
  • 12x Explore / Sight Tokens
  • 80x Condition Tokens
  • 54x Fatigue Tokens
  • 8x Card Sleeves

1-4 Players
3-4 Hr Game Time Approx


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