Codenames Duet Co-Opperative Party Game

Czech Games Edition

Codenames Duet Co-Opperative Party Game

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The party classic Codenames is back with a new Co-Opperative Ruleset for 2 or more players. In this thought provoking word association game you are challenged to locate 15 field agents while avoiding enemy assassins, your only clue, a single word that tie a group of agents together and a number to identify how many agents you should be contacting.

What's Inside Codenames: Duet?

  • 15 Green Agent Cards
  • 100 Double Sided Duet Key Cards
  • 1 Assassin Cards
  • 1 Pad of Mission Maps
  • 1 Card Stand
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 200 Cards with 400 NEW Codenames Words (Compatible with the original game)


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