Messerchmitt BF109E Squadron - Blood Red Skies

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Messerchmitt BF109E Squadron - Blood Red Skies

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A mainstay of the Luftwaffe's opperations across Europe the Messerschmitt BF109E was a more than capable single engine aircraft which was frequently fine tuned throughout the war to keep up with allied advances. this Blood Red Skies boxed set expands the core game with an aditional squadron of 6 Messerschmitt Aircraft miniatures and accompanying game accessories.

  • 6 Messerschmitt Bf-109E Fighters
  • 6 Advantage flying bases
  • 1 Aircraft card
  • 6 Aircraft Trait Cards
  • 6 Double-sided Pilot Skill Discs
  • 1 Aircraft Markings Sticker Sheet
  • 3 Action cards
*Miniatures are supplied unassembled & unpainted

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