Fantasy Series 1 Stretch Goals RPG Miniatures (131 Models)

Blacklist Miniatures

Fantasy Series 1 Stretch Goals RPG Miniatures (131 Models)

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Assemble an instant Fantasy RPG Miniatures Collection with the Stretch Goals Boxed set from Blacklist Miniatures' Fantasy Series 1. From a Gigantic Dragon and Shambling Mound to Banshees, Giant Beetles and Constructs, plus a selection of Heroic Player Characters, this epic collection of scale miniatures contains a wonderful variety of dangerous monsters versatile characters to keep your campaigns stocked up and full of adventure.

Originally from the Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter, these stunning unpainted miniatures were funded in an astonishing 21 days and these exclusve models are no longer available to order direct.

What's Inside Fantasy Series 1 RPG Stretch Goals Collection?

  • 1x Huge Dragon Mini
  • 12x Altar Quest Lurker Cards
  • 1x Vampire Lord
  • 5x Werewolves
  • 1x Male Dwarf Barbarian
  • 1x Female Elf Cleric
  • 1x Innkeeper
  • 1x Male Half-Elf Fighter
  • 5x Bandits
  • 1x Female half-Orc Rogue
  • 1x Lich Lord
  • 5x Ghouls
  • 1x Large Demon Lord
  • 1x Male Elf Bard
  • 1x Female Gnome Paladin
  • 5x Harpies
  • 1x Street Vendor
  • 1x Male Halfling Monk
  • 1x Male Human Druid
  • 1x Large Dire Bear
  • 1x Female Dwarf RAnger
  • 5x Bugbears
  • 1x Male Human Wizard
  • 1x Constable
  • 1x Female Elf Barbarian
  • 5x Ghosts
  • 1x Male Gnome Cleric
  • 1x Female Human Fighter
  • 1x Large Ogre
  • 5x Unholy Knights
  • 1x Male Elf Rogue
  • 1x Female Dwarf Bard
  • 1x Male Dragonborn Warrior
  • 5x Cultists
  • 1x Male Half-Orc Paladin
  • 1x Demonkin Assassin
  • 1x Male Human Monk
  • 5x Gas Serpents
  • 1x Female Half-Elf Druid
  • 1x Male Halfling Ranger
  • 1x Large Troll
  • 5x Dire Wolves
  • 1x Male Dwarf Wizard
  • 1x Male Half-Elf Barbarian
  • 1x Large Shambling Mound
  • 5x Constructs
  • 1x Female Dwarf Cleric
  • 1x Female Halfling Fighter
  • 1x Large Earth Elemental
  • 5x Banshees
  • 1x Female Human Ranger
  • 1x Male Half-Orc Bard
  • 1x Large Water Elemental
  • 5x Wild Boars
  • 1x Female Human Paladin
  • 1x Male Dwarf Monk
  • 1x Large Fire Elemental
  • 5x Gargoyles
  • 1x Male Gnome Druid
  • 1x Female Elf Ranger
  • 1x Large Air Elemental
  • 5x Mummies
  • 1x Male Elf Wizard
  • 1x Female Dragonkin Warlock
  • 1x Large Naga
  • 5x Giant fire Beetles
  • 1x Male Demonkin Sorcerer
  • 1x Huge Giant Miniature

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