Lord of the Dark Millenium Short Story Collection

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Lord of the Dark Millenium Short Story Collection

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Dan Abnett has long been one of Black Library's finest writers of Warhammer 40,000 Fiction, Lord of the Dark Millenium is an extensive collection of short stories collected into a single tome for eager readers to digest at their leisure. Containing more than thirty of Abnett's works from the 40k universe and including many tales from the Horus Heresy this page turner offers a plethora of exciting, shorter reads making it perfect for reading around a hectic schedule.

A Ghost Return | Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities | Vermilion Level | In Remembrance | Forgotten | The Iron Star | Ghosts and Bad Shadows | You Never Know | Family | Killbox | Pestilence | Master Imus’s Transgression | Regia Occulta | Missing in Action | Backcloth for a Crown Additional | The Strange Demise of Titus Endor | The Curiosity | Playing Patience | Thorn Wishes Talon | Gardens of Tycho | The Keeler Image | Perihelion | Blood Games | Misbegotten | Perpetual | The Lightning Tower | Meduson | Unmarked | Little Horus | Black Gold | The Fall of Malvolion | Ork Hunter | Midnight | Rotation | Born to Us | Kill Hill | The Invitation | Eternal

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