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Herd Mentality

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Herd Mentality is a family party card game in which you have to think like everyone else and follow the herd. A simple game that starts with a random question, everyone writes down their answer in secret hoping that they have put the same as everyone else. If your answer is the odd one out or not in the majority then you have to take the squeezy pink cow and that is not good. But hang on, you maybe thinking that the answers would be obvious, well, that maybe so if the questions where simple, but with questions such as "Would you rather have robot arms or robot legs?" and "What is the best flavour of crisps?" it is not as easy as you may think to follow the Herd Mentality. A fun, simple to learn and silly game great for families, games nights and parties.

100 question cards
62 cow tokens
2 answer pads
1squeezy pink cow
games rules

Ages 10+
4-20 players
20 minutes 

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