Bad squiddo gaming miniatures, this image has a purple boarder, the united kingdom flag in the top left and the bad squiddo logo in the top right. Red Cross Nurses. Three ladies, in curses uniforms one pouring medicine, one with a medical bag and one with a bucket

Bad Squiddo

Red Cross Nurses - HF033 - Bad Squiddo Games

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A pack of 3 metal miniatures of a nursing team for your WW2 gaming table, including one nurse is holding a helmet on her head in a running stance holding a bucket in one hand, one is pouring medicinal whisky or you could paint it to be medicine and the other has a medical bag in one hand and files under her arm and would look great on your WW2 gaming table, post apocalyptic setting or hospital diorama.   

Sculpted by Alan Marsh

Painted by John Morris

Pack of 3 metal miniatures 28mm scale miniatures

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All miniatures are supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Any painted examples, scenery bases or scenery are for information only. 

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