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Mini Colour Brain

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This is the mini version of Colour Brain and comes in a smaller box, it also has 70 brand new questions meaning you can play it on its own or combine it with the full size version. In Colour Brain you have the answers to the questions in your hands but do you know which card is correct? This game, as the name suggests, is all about the colour of things making it a simple to learn quiz game great for families, rainy days, games nights or party nights. You answer the questions by placing the correct coloured card from your hand (the cards also have the name of the colour written on them to assist anyone who is colour-blind etc), get it correct and score a point, collect 10 points and win. 

Colour Brain is also plastic free meaning your box will not come in a cellophane wrapping.

144 cards
1 score pad

Ages 12+
2+ players
30 minutes 

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