Talisman: Harry Potter


Talisman: Harry Potter

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Talisman: Harry Potter gives you the choice to play as a Death Eater or for the Order of the Phoenix, either way Lord Voldemort is waiting and you need to decide whether you are working your way from the edge of the Wizarding World to the Great Hall of Hogwarts acquiring followers, objects and spells so that you can provide He Who Must Not Be Named with the Deathly Hallows or use it to defeat him once and for all. Which side are you on?

    For 2-6 players
    Ages 11+


    • 1 custom illustrated game board
    • 8 character cards
    • 1 Lord Voldemort™ card
    • 9 custom sculpted character figures (Harry Potter™, Minerva McGonagall™, Rubeus Hagrid™, Albus Dumbledore™, Draco Malfoy™, Lucius Malfoy™, Bellatrix LeStrange™, Peter Pettigrew™)
    • 1 custom sculpted Lord Voldemort™ figure
    • 100 encounter cards
    • 21 purchase cards
    • 24 spell cards
    • 3 hallows cards
    • 2 ferret cards
    • 4 six-sided dice
    • 6 stat boards with dials
    • 20 galleon tokens
    • 36 fate tokens
    • 1 advantage token
    • rules

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    Figures provided unpainted 

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