AICHI D3A1 'Val' - Airfix Vintage Classics 1:72 Scale


AICHI D3A1 'Val' - Airfix Vintage Classics 1:72 Scale

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The deadly AICHI D3A1 'Val' Dive Bomber was designed, expertly with the demands of ocean conflict in mind. The Dive Bomber was extremely agile, able to deliver it's payload quickly and efficiently before weaving and ducking it's way out of conflict. Combined with the [powerhouse Mitsubishi Zero, the two aircraft proved to be a very efficient means of warfare for the Imperial Japanese.

Dimensions (mm) L138 x W199
Scale 1:72
Number of Components 34
Skill 2
Flying Hours 1
Scheme Options
Age Suitability 8+

This kit does not come with paint, glue or tools. Assembly is required

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